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Gold Earth Organics Pty Ltd

Brand Enthusiast Media Release Form




 Gold Earth Organics Pty Ltd produces a range of products which we collect lifestyle images from Brand Reps to promote via our various channels. We do this via publications, and run promotional campaigns from time to time for the purposes of: 

  • publicising Gold Earth Organics Pty Ltd products independently and in conjunction with other agencies;
  • promoting Gold Earth Organics Pty Ltd across Australia and globally in retail stores and via our distribution network for the purpose of promoting the brand
  • showcasing the use of products via lifestyle images at expos and trade shows globally

Achieving these purposes involves the production and distribution of promotional material through such media as:

  • external publications, such as newspapers and magazines;
  • in house publications, such as posters, brochures, flyers, booklets and displays;
  • television and radio segments or advertisements; and
  • intranet and Internet sites, official social media platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.

The copyright in images used for these purposes is owned by Gold Earth Organics Pty Ltd for exclusive release and distribution where credit will be given if available to provider of photos/videos as named below. The person who provided the photos will be promoted via our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube where available only, no publication will name the provider of image unless otherwise arranged by Gold Earth Organics Pty Ltd previously.

Guidelines on Brand Representation

Upon signing this agreement, you will be provided with product from Gold Earth Organics Pty Ltd at a discounted cost in exchange for photos/videos of the products.

Photographs and videos taken should respect human dignity and ensure the rights, safety and well-being of the person or people being portrayed. This means:

  • complying with local traditions or restrictions in taking or reproducing images of people, objects or places
  • understanding national laws related to photography, filming and privacy rights
  • not causing harm, using the products with proper use and care
  • not misrepresenting the products or individual, situation, context and location of the photograph or video

In exchange for receiving your first delivery of Gold Earth Organics Pty Ltd products you agree to:

  • Ensure you are following our social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.
  • Will post a minimum of 5 images on your personal social media platforms feed to promote Gold Earth Organics Pty Ltd.


I give permission for images in which I, and/or my child/children, appear to be used by Gold Earth Organics Pty Ltd for publications and public relations activities. In particular, I note that this may include use in print and electronic media, including the Internet and official social media platforms.  I understand that Gold Earth Organics Pty Ltd will not be accountable should overseas recipients of the images breach Australian privacy laws and that I will not be able to seek redress under the Privacy Act.

I understand and acknowledge that no monies/compensation will be paid for use of these images by Gold Earth Organics Pty Ltd at any time other than agreeing to send initial product.

I understand that no personal information, such as names, will be used in any publications unless express consent is given.

I have read and understand this notice, and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of my images, including disclosure to overseas recipients, as outlined.


Consent to the use of photographs/videos for use by Gold Earth Organics Pty Ltd as marketing and promotional material including but not limited to flyers, website, posters, print media, digital media in newsletters and publications as well as for distribution to members.

I further understand that this consent may be withdrawn by me at anytime, upon written notice for any FUTURE use of images.

I give this consent voluntarily by selecting the check box on my application submission.