Natural Living Master Class with Natalia Michael

Natural Living Master Class with Natalia Michael

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Are you ready to start your journey into a more natural way of living?

Are you confused with where to start and what is what in the crazy world of marketing "natural" and "organic" products?

Does the possibility of removing hundreds of toxins from your home and body excite you? Would the ability to also save thousands of dollars a year make you smile?

Natalia Michael is a Certified Health Coach and Natural Living Expert with a long story (including many many allergies) that moved her into almost a decade of learning, studying and transforming her life toward nature.

Natalia will guide you through a 6-week program, step by step to detox your home and body working through your pantry, beauty cabinet and home remedies. This Master Class will shake your thinking and set you free of many self-imposed habits/routines which may not be serving you! 

Will it be hard? No!

Will it be fun and informative? YES!

If you don't know where to start, this is it!

This first round will commence on Wednesday 4th of March with calls being held on Wednesday evenings (or another time if it suits the entire group).

Calls will be recorded, members will be invited into a private group and all info sheets will be emailed out each week.

Are you ready to kick start your natural living journey?

Nat is ready to guide you through! x

No Nasties Kids was launched in May of 2016 by founder, Natalia Michael.

The No Nasties Kids range is made in Australia using only natural, non-toxic ingredients.

The products have been so popular that they are now sold in over 300 stores across the world, spanning over 9 countries and growing! No Nasties Kids won Silver at the Ausmumpreneur Awards 2018 for “Product Innovation”, “Best Innovative Business 2017” by Brilliant Biz Mums and was a finalist in the Ausmumpreneur Awards for “Best Global Brand 2017”.



“I love our lip balm, I actually use it myself ! All of our products are made from natural, non-toxic ingredients which is what I look for in everything that I purchase for my family. If you look closely, you will see that our lip balm face on the lid has cute pouty lips. All of our products have gorgeous details like that.”

x Nat